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Nala and Chambord are the proud parents of 4 females

 and one male born on August 21, 2001.  These kittens will  

be ready to go to their new homes around October 26, 2001.




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 Junior Mints 1 year old now  "Owen Jr."

  Peppermint Patty 1 year old now  "Bacall" 

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   Peppermint Patty 7 weeks old   

Bit O Honey  7 weeks old

 Junior Mints 7 weeks old

Almond Joy  7 weeks old


    Baby Ruth 7 weeks old  

Joy, Patty, Jr,Honey, Ruthie

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just born

12 days old

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Patty, Joy, Honey, Ruthie, Junior


18 days old male in middle

25 days old male in middle


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5 weeks old male in middle

6 weeks old male in middle

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