"Babies  by  Stella"

Reborn Babies


Custom made Berenguer dolls from Spain reborn with a new doe suede jointed body with eyes, hair, either rooted hair or a wig.

These dolls have a realistic complexion with high quality oils to make them look real.

They come manicured and pedicured.  They are considered collectors items to be passed down through the generations.

Dolls take approximately 3 weeks for their re-birth.  They come with either 1/4 arms and vinyl legs or full vinyl arms and legs if preferred.

Their size varies from 20" to 22" long.  Other sizes are available upon request.

They wear baby clothes 0-3 months and come with the finest clothing from expensive boutiques.

Each doll has their own identification bracelet, birth certificate and their first born picture..

Choose your face , hair color and clothes.  Sample dolls below.

Debbie.jpg (38593 bytes) Kristin.jpg (45675 bytes) Wendi.jpg (39302 bytes) Sally.jpg (42689 bytes)
Debbie Kristin Wendi Sally

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Sean Tammy Ryan Suzie


To order or inquire telephone Stella at  314-831-8853 or email her at  alsouthm@sbcglobal.net

"Babies  by  Stella"

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Stella and her husband Al are the proud parents of Ziti and Penne kittens from this site.


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