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Chanel and Chambord are the proud parents of  one male and one female kitten born on July 14, 2002.    Sharon from Winter Haven, Florida, took Valencia and Sunkist to their new home on Sept. 29, 2002.

A Family 6 mos Sm7.5.jpg (111716 bytes)

John holding Sunkist and  

Sharon holding Valencia at 6 months

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Clinic Sign 1.jpg (12816 bytes)

The sign at the animal clinic that greeted Valencia and Sunkist reads   " Some Angels have wings some have four paws".  Referring to the story about  Miss Wings.

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Sharon-Val-Sunny D 9-29-02.jpg (72600 bytes) Sharon + Linda 9-28-02.jpg (42416 bytes) Sharon-Val-Sunny E 9-29-02.jpg (69741 bytes) Sharon-Val-Sunny 9-29-02.jpg (51613 bytes) Sharon + kittens B 9-29-02.jpg (67705 bytes)
Sharon Val + Sunny Sharon + Linda Sharon Val + Sunny Sharon Val + Sunny Sharon + Kittens

The first thing Sharon did when she met Linda was to give her a great big hug.  

Then Sharon reached in her pocket and pulled out the prettiest medal of the Virgen de la Candelaria that was on the most beautiful silver chain that Linda ever saw in her life.  Sharon immediately put the necklace around Linda's neck.

Sharon then put her necklace on as you can see in the above picture with the Blessed Mother.

During her Boston visit, Sharon needed to go to the fabric store to buy some sheer lilac material. 

As soon as Sharon and Linda entered the fabric store they walked right up to a bolt of sheer lilac material that was sticking up in the midst of many bolts of cotton prints.

The angels led them right to the exact material and there was no other material around like that in that section. 

Sharon also needed some ribbon to go with the fabric.  Linda reached in to pick out a ribbon and something fell to the floor.  Linda picked it up and it was a package of two tiny pair of gold padded angel wings.  There was no other packages around like it either.

The angels were with them for sure.  They gave them their sign.

Sharon and her new kittens are now at home in Winter Haven, Florida. 

The night Sharon got home, her Pekinese dog "Betty", who had waited for Sharon to get home, gave birth to 6 puppies.  If anyone is interested in one for Christmas contact Sharon at    Pictures coming soon.

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  Full Angel Miracle Story below pictures



 This litter has been sold. 

Just born L.jpg (86569 bytes)

4.5 days old Sm.jpg (68176 bytes)

Just Born  Sunkist and Valencia 4 1/2 days old Val and Sunny

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Val + Sunny 9 days.jpg (31460 bytes)

Val and Sunny 13 days A.jpg (40518 bytes)

Sunny + Val 2.5 wks.jpg (51393 bytes)

Val and Sunny 9 days 

Val and Sunny 13 days

Sunny + Val  2 1/2 weeks 

Val 2.5 wksB.jpg (46288 bytes)

Sunny 2.75 wks.jpg (40119 bytes)

Sunny + Val 3 wksA.jpg (44836 bytes)

Sunny +Val 3 wksB.jpg (61611 bytes)

 Valencia  2 1/2 weeks   Sunkist  2 3/4 weeks  Sunny + Val 3 weeks Sunny + Val 3 weeks

Valencia 4 weeksA.jpg (21437 bytes)

Val 4 weeksB.jpg (28535 bytes)

Sunny 4 weeksA.jpg (32967 bytes)

Sunny 4 weeksB.jpg (49266 bytes)

Valencia 4  weeks Valencia 4 weeks

  Sunkist 4 weeks

  Sunkist 4 weeks

Val 5 weeks.jpg (38932 bytes)

Sunny 5 weeks.jpg (26323 bytes)

Sun and Val 5.75 wksB.jpg (44476 bytes)

Sunny + Val 6 wksA.jpg (29970 bytes)

Valencia 5 weeks

Sunkist 5 weeks

Sunny + Val 5 3/4 wks

Sunny + Val 6 weeks

Valencia 6.5 wksA.jpg (31123 bytes)

Sunny 6.5 wksA.jpg (49380 bytes)

Val 6.5 wks BB.jpg (80120 bytes)

Sunny 6.5 wks D.jpg (83666 bytes)

Valencia 6 1/2 weeks

Sunkist 6 1/2 weeks

Valencia 6 1/2 weeks

Sunkist 6 1/2 weeks

Sunny 7 wks B.jpg (34910 bytes)

Sunny 7 wks C.jpg (32047 bytes)

Valencia 7 wksC.jpg (17980 bytes)

Val 7 wksA.jpg (10241 bytes)

Sunkist 7 weeks Sunkist  7 weeks Valencia 7 weeks Valencia 7 weeks

Val + Sunny 7.5 wksA.jpg (16036 bytes)

Val 8 wksA.jpg (10827 bytes)

Val 8 wksB.jpg (11413 bytes)

Val 8 wksC.jpg (8938 bytes)

Val + Sunny 7.5 weeks

Valencia 8 weeks

Valencia 8 weeks

Valencia 8 weeks

Sunny 8 wksA.jpg (15160 bytes)

Sunny 8 wksB.jpg (12196 bytes)

Sunny 8 wksC.jpg (5737 bytes)

Valencia 9 wksA.jpg (27681 bytes)

Sunkist  8 weeks Sunkist  8 weeks Sunkist  8 weeks Valencia 9 weeks

Sunkist 9 wksOO.jpg (16146 bytes)

Sunkist 9 wksOA.jpg (18116 bytes)

Valencia 9 wksOA2.jpg (26408 bytes)

Val + Sunny 9 wksOA.jpg (26728 bytes)

Sunkist  9 weeks Sunkist  9 weeks Valencia 9 weeks Val + Sunny 9 weeks
Sunny 9 wksDD.jpg (22700 bytes) Sunny 9 wksB.jpg (14299 bytes) Val 9 wks 2B.jpg (17658 bytes) Valencia 9 wksCC.jpg (14948 bytes)
Sunkist  9 weeks Sunkist  9 weeks Valencia 9 weeks Valencia 9 weeks

Sunny+ValBasketA.jpg (61472 bytes)

Sunny+Val BasketBX.jpg (48334 bytes)

Val+Sunny Chair E.jpg (61484 bytes)

Val+Sunny ChairFX.jpg (73308 bytes)

 Sunny + Val 10 weeks

Val +Sunny 10 weeks

Val +Sunny 10 weeks

Val +Sunny 10 weeks

Val+SunnyBoxCCX.jpg (64440 bytes)

Val+Sunny XmasA.jpg (80225 bytes)

Val+SunnyBoxAA.jpg (84472 bytes)

Val+Sunny XmasB.jpg (71920 bytes)

 Val + Sunny 10 weeks Val +Sunny 10 weeks

Val +Sunny 10 weeks

Val +Sunny 10 weeks

Val+Sunny ChairGX.jpg (60125 bytes)

Val+Sunny ChairDX.jpg (62435 bytes)

V+S D.jpg (57320 bytes)

V+S IXXX.jpg (55211 bytes)

Val +Sunny 10 weeks

Val +Sunny 10 weeks

Val +Sunny 10 weeks

Val +Sunny 10 weeks

Lynn Disc A.jpg (68676 bytes) Lynn Disc B.jpg (50329 bytes) Lynn Disc C.jpg (57677 bytes)

Val +Sunny 10 weeks

Val +Sunny 10 weeks

Val +Sunny 10 weeks

TLynn Disc DD.jpg (56220 bytes) Lynn Disc EE.jpg (55417 bytes) Lynn Disc FF.jpg (61043 bytes)

Val +Sunny 10 weeks

Val +Sunny 10 weeks

Val +Sunny 10 weeks

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Copacabana Cattery: Second Kitten Angel Miracle!

On June 29, 2002 something miraculous happened in Boston, Massachusetts AND Winter Haven, Florida.

In Boston, Chanel a beautiful shaded silver Persian, due to deliver kittens on July 14, went into premature labor.

Linda, her guardian, prayed and asked the Angels to wrap themselves around Chanel and protect her unborn kittens until their due date in July.

In Winter Haven, Sonya, Sharon's beloved 15 year old shaded silver Persian passed away leaving her devastated.

On her daughter Hollie's insistence, Sharon went to her computer and discovered Linda's cattery website.

Sharon was in awe at how beautiful the kittens posted on the website were!  Linda had posted photos and sometimes angel stories of her litters of kittens.  It was evident Linda loves silver Persians as much as Sharon does.

One of the stories pulled Sharon's heartstrings. The story was about a tiny kitten, with no tail, named "Miss Wings".

The story of Miss Wings and Mary Ellen, her new owner, author of "Expect Miracles and "A Christmas Filled with Miracles", deeply touched Sharon.

A few days later Sharon sent Linda an email and told her about her Shaded Silver Persian Sonya.

When Sharon phoned Linda and there was an instant connection between the two ladies.

Linda's kindness to Sharon, a total stranger, was over whelming to Sharon.

Linda told Sharon that she wanted to help her and that she was expecting "Chanel" to have kittens in a couple of weeks.

It was Chanel's first litter and Linda was not sure what to expect but would keep Sharon updated.

When Sharon hung up the phone with Linda, it was as if someone higher was telling her that she was going to be all right from the devastating loss of her precious Sonya.

Sharon, for the first time, slept through the night and was able to eat since losing her precious Sonya.

That night Sharon opened the refrigerator door and felt something rub against her legs.  She looked down and saw nothing.  Sonya used to rub against Sharon's legs like that all the time.

The birth of Chanel's kittens did take place on July 14th! Linda was anxious about the delivery since it was Chanel's first litter.

Linda had asked Sharon to talk/pray to the Angels for help with Chanel and her babies, so all the kittens would be born healthy. Sharon prayed every night that God and the Angels would keep them safe and protect them.

Chanel went into labor on July 14 and had the first kitten.  He was breach!  His sack had broken and his tail and one leg were sticking out.

Linda went to call the vet to ask for assistance.  It was Sunday, and Linda only got the vet's beeper number.

When Linda went back to Chanel, she had the surprise of her life.  Linda could not believe her eyes.

The Angels had come and the first kitten was in the process of coming half way out with BOTH legs and a tail.  It was truly a miracle.

Linda pulled him out and rubbed him to help him breathe and cleaned him up. In past experiences, when this happens during a delivery, the first kitten usually dies and the next one often does too.

Within four minutes the second kitten was born.  Linda had never seen kittens born so close together before in her 16 years of breeding.

The angels heard Linda and Sharon’s prayers as both kittens were alive and healthy.

Linda always gives her kittens special names for her website. These kittens born to Chanel were to be named Sunkist and Valencia.

Linda spoke to Sharon after the birth of Sunkist and Valencia and told Sharon that their birth was truly a miracle. The Angels surely had a special destination for these kittens.

Sharon told Linda that her house in Florida sits on land that used to be an orange grove. The names truly fit these kittens and Sharon will always call them Sunkist and Valencia.

The next day Sharon saw the name Valencia three times.  She saw it first on a bumper sticker on her way to work that read "Valencia" college that is in Florida.

Then Sharon saw the name Valencia as a man's last name on an account at work in the morning.  Later that day Sharon saw the name Valencia again this time as a woman's first name on another account.  Sharon knew right then and there that the Angels were trying to tell her something for sure.

Sharon recently had a bad day reminiscing about Sonya.  She held Sonya's urn and cried with it in her arms.  Right after she put it back on the mantle she saw the name Valencia on TV pertaining to Valencia college as if Sonya was trying again to tell her something.

It made Sharon smile for the first time that day. The Angels are always working in your life even when you least expect it and need it most.

Linda encouraged Sharon to talk to her Angels and to ask them for signs to confirm that they were working in her life.

Sharon first asked to hear the song "In The Arms Of The Angels" by Sara McLaughlin.  A couple days passed and Sharon did not hear it.  Sharon was a little discouraged.  She thought that maybe it was too hard for the Angels and that she should have asked for an easier task for them to perform.

Finally Sharon heard the song on the radio while she was sitting at her desk at work and a very warm feeling of angelic presence came over her.  She knew the Angels were talking to her.

Sharon told Linda that she got her sign from the Angels.  Linda always knew that Sharon would receive it.

Sharon's second miracle came from Agnes Thomas, the pet communicator.

Sharon asked Agnes to communicate with Sonya.  Agnes told Sharon that she could see Sonya right away and that she had never left her.  Agnes told Sharon that she had never seen an animal in an angelic realm like Sonya was in.

Agnes said Sonya was with an Angel with long flowing white hair and that there where buildings with white iridescent light reflecting off of them.

Sharon asked Agnes if Sonya had anything to say.  Agnes told Sharon that Sonya wanted to come back right away and be with her.

Agnes told Sharon that Sonya was transferring her energy into Chanel's newborn kitten "Valencia." She also told Sharon that Sonya had always been in her life and that she had been sent to "mother her" and take care of her.

Sharon was so excited. She asked the Angels for another sign. She asked them for a greeting card.

Sharon did not get just one greeting card that week, she got three!  Apparently when you receive anything in threes it means that the Angel's presence is very strong.

All of the cards dealt with Sonya’s passing in some way or another.  Sharon knew Sonya and the Angels were responsible for the things that have been happening to her.

Sharon believes Sonya and the Angels brought Linda into her life and now Sharon's life has been changed forever.

One day while Sharon was emailing Linda she felt the Angels wanted her to tell Linda something, but what?

Sharon and Linda had spoken on the phone about a half an hour before.  Sharon could not figure out what it could be.  Then it came to her.

She was supposed to tell Linda about the church in the Canary Islands that Sharon and her husband went to last November.

It was also last November that Mary Ellen, Miss Wings new mommy, and famous author of "Expect Miracles" first contacted Linda too.

Sharon and her husband went to the Island of Tenerife and Sharon was insistent that they go to a church in Candelaria on the beach.

This was quite usual for Sharon to want to visit small out of the way places like this on vacation.  Sharon had seen a small article about it in a book and was drawn there.

It is said that the church was a place of miracles and that the Virgin De La Candelaria was responsible for those miracles.

Sharon and her husband spent the better part of the day in Candelaria admiring the church from afar.  When the doors of the church finally opened they went inside.

While they were there Sharon bought two medals with the Virgin of Candelaria on them.  She told her husband that she knew that one of the medals was for her, but was not sure who the other medal was for.

Sharon felt that very same warm feeling of angelic presence come over her when she bought the medals and knew the angels where with her.

When they got home Sharon showed the medals to her daughter, Hollie, and told her the same thing she had told her husband.  Sharon's daughter told her that "you will know who the other medal is for when you meet them".

Sharon thought yes, maybe so, and put them in her jewelry box and did not give them a second thought until the night she asked the Angels what they wanted her to tell Linda.  This was more than six months later.

Sharon was to tell Linda about the church and the story of the Virgin de la Candelaria.  She then told Linda that she now knew that the other medal was meant for her because that is what the angels had just told her.

Sharon was and still is amazed at the revelations that came to her that evening.

After Sharon told Linda the story of the Virgin de la Candelaria Linda decided to look it up on the Internet.  Linda found that the Virgin De La Candelaria was celebrated in a small village named Copacabana.  Linda was amazed and could not believe what she was reading.

Copacabana is the name of Linda's cattery!

There was no denying the fact that the Angels brought Sharon and Linda together.

Sharon is planning a trip in September to visit Linda.  She will be bringing both Sunkist and Valencia back home to Florida.  Sharon wants to keep the two of them together because of the closeness of their birth and the miracle that surrounds them.

Sharon told Linda that she could not wait to meet her and would be happy to put "her" medal around her neck.

Sharon knows that they will always wear their medals and think of each other and the miracle that they share.  Sharon believes that they were meant to be friends and is very grateful to the Angels for bringing them together.

Also, when Linda first started her search for a new kitten to add to her cattery two years ago, she kept being drawn to the website of

Linda finally inquired for a male kitten to the owner Dee.  After completing a male purchase Linda somehow at the last minute changed her mind and requested a female kitten instead (Chanel).

Linda believes that the Angels knew back then that Chanel was to deliver these kittens for Sharon.

Here again, as in the Miss Wings Story, two strangers, thousands of miles apart are united by a kitten through the help of the Angels.

A note of interest is that last year while Linda was admiring a 24" statue of the Blessed Mother that had sat on her neighbors' house for 20 years, her neighbor gave it to her and put it in front of her house.

That was the end of last summer.  Shortly after that Miss Wings was conceived.  Miss Wings is the only survivor of 4 litters of kittens.  Miracles have been happening in Linda's life ever since.

Also, Mary Ellen recently gifted Linda with a reading from famous psychic Atira as a special thank you for her wonderful gift of Miss Wings.

Atira told Linda that 7 Angels had come into her life around the first of the year and that she is on a mission to teach people how to talk to their Angels.  Atira told Linda that her Angels are very tall and that the larger they are the higher their anarchy is.

Atira also told Linda that Arch Angel Michael is with her too and Atira does not usually see Arch Angels with people very often.

Miracles happen every day.  One can happen to you too.   Just ask your angels.    They are there for the asking.  

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Miss Wings' Story

Agnes Thomas: Pet Communicator

To Order Mary Ellen's Books
Miracle Books, Ordering Information

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According to The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing

By Sisters Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold

The Four Fundamentals when you communicate with your angels are:

Ask, Believe, Let it Happen and Say Thank You.

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Sharon Basilica de la Virgen de La Candelaria (Tenerife) Linda

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