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Nala and Chambord are the proud parents of 2 male and 2 female kittens born on October 4, 2004.  These kittens will be ready to go to their new homes  the second week of December 2004.

Agnes and Vivian's miracle stories are at the end of this page



 Click on pictures to view full size.   Pictured in their birth order when named.

This will be Nala's last litter.  Her milk did not come in enough to nurse 4 kittens.  Chrissy and Chanel each have taken two of her kittens to help Nala out.

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one day old A.jpg (29151 bytes)

one day old B.jpg (23443 bytes) Chanel feeding 3 days A.jpg (17386 bytes) Chrissy feeding 3 days A.jpg (17028 bytes)
 one day   one day   Chanel nursing her 3 and 2 of Nala's three days old Chrissy nursing her 3 and 2 of Nala's three days old 
Chanel feeding 5 days A.jpg (12020 bytes) Chanel feeding 5 days B.jpg (13782 bytes) Chrissy feeding 5 days A.jpg (17392 bytes) Chrissy feeding 5 days B.jpg (18557 bytes)
 First born male and female with Chanel 5 days old   First born male and female with Chanel 5 days old   Second born male and female with Chrissy 5 days old  Second born male and female with Chrissy 5 days old
Mozzarella one week.jpg (13003 bytes) Romano one week.jpg (13998 bytes) Cheddar one week.jpg (12934 bytes) Provolone one weekA.jpg (13731 bytes)
Mozzarella (female) one week Romano (male) one week Brie  (female) one week Provolone  (male) one week
Mozzarella two weeks.jpg (12003 bytes) Romano two weeks.jpg (13342 bytes) Brie two weeks.jpg (12218 bytes) Provolone two weeks.jpg (12095 bytes)
Mozzarella (female) two weeks Romano (male) two weeks Brie  (female) two weeks Provolone  (male) two weeks
Mozzarella three weeks A.jpg (18148 bytes) Romano three weeks A.jpg (15720 bytes) Brie three weeks A.jpg (15638 bytes) Provolone three weeks A.jpg (16257 bytes)
Mozzarella three weeks B.jpg (17644 bytes) Romano three weeks B.jpg (17503 bytes) Brie three weeks B.jpg (17874 bytes) Provolone three weeks B.jpg (16249 bytes)
Mozzarella (female) three weeks Romano (male) three weeks Brie  (female)  three weeks Provolone  (male) three weeks
Mozzarella four weeks A.jpg (18933 bytes) Romano four weeks A.jpg (22457 bytes) Brie four weeks A.jpg (16833 bytes) Provolone four weeks B.jpg (18518 bytes)
Mozzarella four weeks B.jpg (19197 bytes) Romano four weeks B.jpg (20451 bytes) Brie four weeks B.jpg (15491 bytes) Provolone four weeks C.jpg (17784 bytes)
Mozzarella (female) four weeks Romano (male) four weeks Brie  (female)  four weeks Provolone  (male) four weeks
Mozzarella five weeks A.jpg (28335 bytes) Romano five weeks A.jpg (28128 bytes) Brie five weeks A.jpg (31445 bytes) Provolone five weeks B.jpg (32109 bytes)
Mozzarella five weeks B.jpg (29381 bytes) Romano five weeks B.jpg (32193 bytes) Brie five weeks B.jpg (29655 bytes) Provolone five weeks C.jpg (29598 bytes)
Mozzarella (female) five weeks Romano (male) five weeks Brie  (female)  five weeks Provolone  (male) five weeks
Mozzarella six weeks A.jpg (22241 bytes) Romano six weeks A.jpg (23599 bytes) Brie six weeks A.jpg (22621 bytes) Provolone six weeks A.jpg (21413 bytes)
Mozzarella six weeks B.jpg (23841 bytes) Romano six weeks B.jpg (19704 bytes) Brie six weeks B.jpg (22754 bytes) Provolone six weeks C.jpg (23157 bytes)
Mozzarella (female) six weeks Romano (male) six weeks Brie  (female) six weeks Provolone  (male) six weeks
Group 6 weeks A.jpg (34037 bytes) Group 6 weeks E.jpg (25648 bytes) Group 6 weeks C.jpg (24047 bytes) Group 6 weeks D.jpg (27024 bytes) Group 6 weeks B.jpg (24219 bytes)

Mozzarella  Romano  Brie Provolone  6 weeks

 Romano Mozzie  Brie Provolone

Mozzarella 7 weeks A.jpg (14714 bytes) Romano 7 weeks A.jpg (16983 bytes) Brie 7 weeks A.jpg (18994 bytes) Provolone 7 weeks A.jpg (15072 bytes)
Mozzarella 7 weeks CC.jpg (15002 bytes) Romano 7 weeks B.jpg (17239 bytes) Brie 7 weeks B.jpg (20051 bytes) Provolone 7 weeks B.jpg (15235 bytes)
Mozzarella (female) 7 weeks Romano (male) 7 weeks Brie  (female) 7 weeks Provolone  (male) 7 weeks
Group 7 weeks A.jpg (21462 bytes) Group 7 weeks B.jpg (19623 bytes) Group 7 weeks C.jpg (20890 bytes) Group 7 weeks D.jpg (24267 bytes)
   Provolone  Brie  Mozzarella  Romano  7 weeks
Mozzarella 8 weeks A.jpg (33707 bytes) Romano 8 weeks A.jpg (33839 bytes) Brie 8 weeks A.jpg (34896 bytes) Provolone 8 weeks A.jpg (32131 bytes)
Mozzarella 8 weeks B.jpg (35488 bytes) Romano 8 weeks B.jpg (36924 bytes) Brie 8 weeks B.jpg (36855 bytes) Provolone 8 weeks B.jpg (35393 bytes)
Mozzarella (female) 8 weeks Romano (male) 8 weeks Brie  (female) 8 weeks Provolone  (male) 8 weeks
Group 8 weeks A.jpg (37274 bytes) Group 8 weeks B.jpg (38603 bytes) Group 8 weeks C.jpg (34816 bytes) Group 8 weeks D.jpg (41272 bytes)
Group 8 weeks F.jpg (38120 bytes) Group 8 weeks G.jpg (37039 bytes) Group 8 weeks H.jpg (33908 bytes) Group 8 weeks I.jpg (40775 bytes)
  Mozzarella  Romano  Brie  Provolone  8 weeks
Mozzarella Santa 9 weeks A.jpg (24262 bytes) Romano Santa 9 weeks A.jpg (22542 bytes) Brie Santa 9 weeks A.jpg (26968 bytes) Provolone Santa 9 weeks A.jpg (27697 bytes)
Mozzarella Santa 9 weeks B.jpg (24284 bytes) Romano Santa 9 weeks B.jpg (28206 bytes) Brie Santa 9 weeks B.jpg (29607 bytes) Provolone Santa 9 weeks B.jpg (27206 bytes)
Mozzarella Santa 9 weeks C.jpg (22142 bytes) Romano Santa 9 weeks C.jpg (25751 bytes) Brie Santa 9 weeks C.jpg (25834 bytes) Provolone Santa 9 weeks CC.jpg (26512 bytes)
Mozzarella Santa 9 weeks D.jpg (22355 bytes) Romano Santa 9 weeks D.jpg (26475 bytes) Brie Santa 9 weeks D.jpg (25611 bytes) Provolone Santa 9 weeks D.jpg (27533 bytes)
Mozzarella (female) 9 weeks Romano (male) 9 weeks Brie  (female) 9 weeks Provolone  (male) 9 weeks
Mozzie + Mano 9 wks A.jpg (29190 bytes) Mozzie + Mano 9 wks B.jpg (29260 bytes) Mozzie + Mano 9 wks C.jpg (29570 bytes) Mozzie + Mano 9 wks D.jpg (28294 bytes)
Mozzarella  +  Romano  9 weeks going to Ohio together
Brie 9 weeks D.jpg (21789 bytes) Brie 9 weeks B.jpg (24298 bytes) Brie 9 weeks C.jpg (26783 bytes) Brie 9 weeks E.jpg (23896 bytes)
Brie  9 weeks
Provolone 9 weeks A.jpg (24130 bytes)

Provolone 9 weeks C.jpg (29712 bytes)

Provolone 9 weeks B.jpg (28569 bytes) Provolone 9 weeks D.jpg (26372 bytes)
Provolone  9 weeks
Group 9 weeks A.jpg (39692 bytes) Group 9 weeks B.jpg (39568 bytes) Group 9 weeks C.jpg (32978 bytes) Group 9 weeks D.jpg (37815 bytes) Group 9 weeks E.jpg (33018 bytes)
Mozzarella    Romano    Brie    Provolone   9 weeks  in birth order

The  End

Hope you enjoyed the picture show.  

Mozzarella and Romano are going to live in Tipp City, Ohio with Cheryl and Harold.

Brie is going to live in Ellicott City, MD with Vivian the flight attendant that flew Miss Wings across the country.

Provolone is going to live in Brecksville, OH with Agnes Thomas the pet communicator.


Agnes' Miracle Story

Agnes Thomas of Brecksville, Ohio, the famous pet communicator, had told Mary Ellen that a Shaded Silver Persian would come to her in the beginning of 2002.  That miracle happened for Mary Ellen when she received Miss Wings in February of 2002.  Agnes loved Miss Wings and wanted a kitten just like her.

Even though Agnes longed for a Shaded Silver Persian she had no way of getting one home.   It just so happened that Cheryl Llinville from Tipp City, Ohio wanted two Shaded Silver Persian siblings and agreed to bring a third one home to Ohio with her for Agnes on December 11, 2004.

Nala was being retired from breeding and this was to be her last litter.  Nala was the one Agnes wanted a kitten from.  With the divine help of Cheryl, Agnes’s dream of having one of Nala’s kittens has come true.

Cheryl brought Agnes her Shaded Silver Persian kitten on Sunday, December 12, 2004. Cheryl and Agnes each had to drive two hours to meet.  Cheryl must have been angel guided to us for this miracle to manifest.   Agnes had been longing for this kitten for so long and now through divine intervention she has her kitten that she calls Dusty.

Miracles seem to happen a lot around these Shaded Silver Persian kittens.  They are getting quite common these days.  We all have miracles in our life.  We just need to open our eyes and realize that that is what they truly are.   Miracles.

Cheryl is a very special lady with a heart of sparkling gold that permeates the air all around her like the glow of a bright shining star.  At this joyous magical time of year Cheryl has made Agnes a very happy lady for this holiday season.

It sure is a holiday that Agnes will never forget and one she will always be grateful to Cheryl for.  Making someone happy at Christmas is having the true spirit and meaning of Christmas.

We thank you Cheryl, and your husband Harold, for being you and for making someone’s Christmas miracle come true.

Do you hear a bell ringing!….....… 

Did someone just get their wings……………

*~~~ ~ >^..^< ~ ~~~*


Vivian's Miracle Story

Vivian had her heart set on getting the Shaded Silver Persian Brie for Christmas. Brie was one of the last kittens that Nala had before she was retired from breeding and Vivian had her heart set on that kitten.

Plans were made to meet in Boston on Saturday, December 11, 2004. The arriving and departing flights had ample time for a little visit between flights.

Vivian’s flight out of MD got delayed and her new arrival time was at 12:20 and her 3:00 p m departure was canceled. If Vivian did not make the 1:00 p m departing flight she would have to stay at the airport until the 5:00 p m flight. That was too long of a wait for a 10-week-old kitten.

The decision for two carriers to carry five kittens to the airport going to three different states was made at the last minute before loading the kittens into the car for the ride to the airport. Three in one carrier all going to Ohio and another carrier for one going to CO and Vivian’s going to MD.

With the help of Nancy Stanford who drove all 5 kittens to the airport, Brie was put in a carrier by herself, and Nancy "ran" from terminal C to terminal B and just made it, 25 minutes later, so Vivian could wisk Brie into her carrier and onto the 1:00 p m flight back to MD.

Picture the Olympic flame being carried and that was Nancy and Brie.

Vivian sure was saying her prayers that Nancy would make it and she sure did with a little divine help in those running shoes. Nancy surely made Vivian a very happy lady. Christmas is the time to make others happy no matter how we do it.

Once at home Brie has found her favorite spot.  Sitting on a pillow on Vivian's lap, happily being patted,  as Vivian works on the computer.

Take a moment yourself and do just that. Great joy can be found for every miracle you can provide for someone. Angels are amongst us all. Call upon them. Ask, believe, let it happen and say thank you…………   ^i^

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