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Chandelier and Chambord are the proud parents of one male born on March 16, 2006 at 2:38 a.m.  This kitten will be ready to go to his new home around May 27, 2006.

This is Chandelier's first litter.  She had a long difficult labor and delivery.  We are sad to say that this male kitten is the only survivor of a litter of 4 males.  Chandelier is very happy to have this one kitten to love.  The fruits of her labor were not in vain.  Enjoy his pictures as he grows.



       Click on pictures to view full sizePictured in their birth order when named.

One and three quarter days old
Bamboo  3 1/2 days old (male) Bamboo  one week old (male)
Bamboo  1  1/2  weeks  old  (male)
Bamboo  2  1/2  weeks  old  (male)
Bamboo  3  1/2  weeks  old  (male)
Bamboo  4  1/2  weeks  old  (male)
Bamboo  5  1/2  weeks  old  (male)
Bamboo  6  1/2  weeks  old  (male)
Bamboo  7  1/2  weeks  old  (male)

Bamboo  8  1/2  weeks  old  (male)
Bamboo  9  1/2  weeks  old  (male)

The  End

Hope you enjoyed the picture show.

Bamboo has gone to live with Siobhan, Joe, Justin and Connor in Colchester, VT.  

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"To grow where we are planted is to walk the road we find ourselves on."  George Anderson author of Walking in the Garden of Souls.

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