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Cannoli and Chambord are the proud parents of one female and two male kittens born on April 11, 2005.  This is Cannoli's first litter.  She is taking over for her retired mom Nala.  These kittens will be ready to go to their new home around June 18, 2005.

Cannoli 12-04 A.jpg (23205 bytes)




Angel Miracle Story for Calypso below the pictures.


       Click on pictures to view full sizePictured in their birth order when named.

12 hours 4-11-05 A.jpg (24656 bytes) 12 hours 4-11-05 B.jpg (27135 bytes) 12 hours 4-11-05 C.jpg (21706 bytes)
12 hours old    born April 11, 2005   4:22 p m, 5:00 p m and 5:45 p m
Tango 3 days A.jpg (20615 bytes) Rumba 3 days.jpg (17035 bytes) Calypso 3 days.jpg (16271 bytes)
Tango  3 days (male) Rumba  3 days (female) Calypso  3 days (male)
Tango 1 week.jpg (14160 bytes) Rumba 1 week.jpg (17839 bytes) Calypso 1 week.jpg (15957 bytes)
Tango  1 week  (male) Rumba  1 week  (female) Calypso  1 week  (male)
Tango 2 weeks.jpg (13967 bytes) Rumba 2 weeks.jpg (14789 bytes) Calypso 2 weeks.jpg (15278 bytes)
Tango  2 weeks  (male) Rumba  2 weeks  (female) Calypso  2 weeks  (male)
Tango 3 weeks A.jpg (12187 bytes) Rumba 3 weeks A.jpg (13398 bytes) Calypso 3 weeks A.jpg (14588 bytes)
Tango 3 weeks B.jpg (12980 bytes) Rumba 3 weeks B.jpg (13119 bytes) Calypso 3 weeks Bb.jpg (17085 bytes)
Tango  3 weeks  (male) Rumba  3 weeks  (female) Calypso  3 weeks  (male)
Tango 4 weeks A.jpg (17506 bytes) Rumba 4 weeks A.jpg (15785 bytes) Calypso 4 weeks A.jpg (16156 bytes)
Tango 4 weeks B.jpg (16550 bytes) Rumba 4 weeks B.jpg (15689 bytes) Calypso 4 weeks B.jpg (14902 bytes)
Tango  4 weeks  (male) Rumba  4 weeks  (female) Calypso  4 weeks  (male)
Tango 5 weeks A.jpg (19433 bytes) Rumba 5 weeks A.jpg (19965 bytes) Calypso 5 weeks A.jpg (14860 bytes)
Tango 5 weeks B.jpg (20241 bytes) Rumba 5 weeks B.jpg (19974 bytes) Calypso 5 weeks B.jpg (18284 bytes)
Tango 5 weeks C.jpg (18326 bytes) Rumba 5 weeks C.jpg (22246 bytes) Calypso 5 weeks C.jpg (20177 bytes)
Tango  5 weeks  (male) Rumba  5 weeks  (female) Calypso  5 weeks  (male)
Tango 6 weeks Aa.jpg (18556 bytes) Rumba 6 weeks A.jpg (16538 bytes) Calypso 6 weeks A.jpg (17971 bytes)
Tango 6 weeks B.jpg (17316 bytes) Rumba 6 weeks B.jpg (16891 bytes) Calypso 6 weeks B.jpg (16966 bytes)
Tango  6 weeks  (male) Rumba  6 weeks  (female) Calypso  6 weeks  (male)
Tango 7 weeks A.jpg (23666 bytes) Rumba 7 weeks A.jpg (23986 bytes) Calypso 7 weeks A.jpg (26518 bytes)
Tango 7 weeks B.jpg (23182 bytes) Rumba 7 weeks B.jpg (23370 bytes) Calypso 7 weeks B.jpg (23461 bytes)
Tango  7 weeks  (male) Rumba  7 weeks  (female) Calypso  7 weeks  (male)
Lynn 7 wks A.jpg (27837 bytes) Lynn 7 wks B.jpg (27736 bytes) Lynn 7 wks C.jpg (29640 bytes)
Lynn 7 wks D.jpg (26130 bytes) Lynn 7 wks E.jpg (26842 bytes) Lynn 7 wks F.jpg (25869 bytes)
Calypso - Tango - Rumba  7 weeks 
Rumba and Romaine FF.jpg (32672 bytes) Rumba and Romaine DD.jpg (28128 bytes) Rumba and Romaine CC.jpg (30266 bytes) Rumba and Romaine BB.jpg (32695 bytes)
Rumba and Romaine AA.jpg (26720 bytes) Rumba and Romaine E.jpg (38405 bytes) Rumba and Romaine C.jpg (27051 bytes) Rumba and Romaine D.jpg (37028 bytes)
Rumba 8 weeks and Romaine 9 weeks both going to CT with Tara and Mike
Xmas 8 wks O.jpg (34025 bytes) Xmas 8 wks P.jpg (31980 bytes) Xmas 8 wks N.jpg (31484 bytes)
Xmas 8 wks HH.jpg (33744 bytes) Xmas 8 wks KKK.jpg (30493 bytes) Xmas 8 wks LLL.jpg (33052 bytes)
Xmas 8 wks Q.jpg (29250 bytes) Xmas 8 wks R.jpg (28827 bytes) Xmas 8 wks M.jpg (30520 bytes)
Rumba - Calypso - Tango  8 weeks 
Blanket 9 wks A.jpg (33216 bytes) Blanket 9 wks B.jpg (32670 bytes) Blanket 9 wks D.jpg (32115 bytes)
Blanket 9 wks E.jpg (39422 bytes) Blanket 9 wks F.jpg (37733 bytes) Blanket 9 wks G.jpg (38643 bytes)
Blanket 9 wks H.jpg (36563 bytes) Blanket 9 wks I.jpg (28302 bytes) Blanket 9 wks J.jpg (30083 bytes)
 Calypso - Rumba - Tango  9 weeks 
Rumba 9 wks + Romaine 10 wks A.jpg (26134 bytes) Rumba 9 wks + Romaine 10 wks B.jpg (27007 bytes) Rumba 9 wks + Romaine 10 wks C.jpg (25691 bytes) Rumba 9 wks + Romaine 10 wks D.jpg (28345 bytes)
Rumba 9 weeks and Romaine 10 weeks both going to CT with Tara and Mike
Calypso Rose A.jpg (12411 bytes) Calypso Rose B.jpg (10379 bytes) Calypso Rose C.jpg (11587 bytes) Calypso Rose D.jpg (12620 bytes)
Calypso Rose E.jpg (12579 bytes) Calypso Rose F.jpg (12461 bytes) Calypso Rose I.jpg (12964 bytes) Calypso Rose H.jpg (12389 bytes)
 Calypso 10 weeks 
Calypso Flag D.jpg (24246 bytes) Calypso Flag B.jpg (23173 bytes) Calypso Flag C.jpg (25112 bytes) Calypso Flag A.jpg (22546 bytes) Calypso Flag E.jpg (25867 bytes)
 Calypso 10 weeks 

The  End

Hope you enjoyed the picture show. 

Tango has gone to Norwood, MA to live with Ellen.

Rumba has gone to Manchester, CT with Romaine to live with Tara and Mike.

Calypso will be going to South Weymouth, MA to live with Valerie.


Angel Miracle Story for Calypso 

written by his new owner Valerie, from South Weymouth, MA.

"The Angels Help a Christmas Miracle To Keep on Giving"

The Calypso Chumley Story

A real friendship stays in our hearts, even when we do not stay in touch.   Two friends, Janet and Valerie were long time friends that went through their teen years and early adult life together.

But as often happens during their mid years they sadly lost touch.  Even though their hearts were still connected by love, they did not know where the other lived or how their lives were going.

Valerie's husband had a heart attack in mid October of 2004.  A get well card arrived from her husband's boss signed by Janet's daughter.  Valerie instantly recognized the last name.   With her husband's help, Valerie and Janet were reconnected just in time for the holidays.

It was truly a Christmas miracle!  The two friends rejoiced as they shared the details of the years past.

The most joyful Christmas news that Janet shared was the beautiful Silver Persian kitten that she just got and named Joshua.

That name hit Valerie very hard.  That was the name of her first born precious grandson who had passed away unexpectedly the year before from asthma.

Valerie was still in such grief over Josh's death that just hearing his name made Valerie really pay attention to Janet's new kitten.

Valerie went to the website where Janet got Joshua.  She was very impressed by the wonderful kitten pictures, and also with the information that she learned about Angels.

Valerie's happy Christmas news was about the purchase of a vacation home that was close to Joshua's burial spot in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Neither friend knew at the time how those Christmas purchases would keep on giving.

Early in the New Year, Valerie was visiting an antique store near her new NH home.  She was very attracted to an oil painting of a long haired kitten sitting on a rose.  She did not know exactly why, but she knew she had to have it, and proudly hung it in her NH home, in a very prominent place.

On March 29, the birthday of both Janet's and Valerie's first born daughters, a terrible thing happened.  This really put the Angels in motion to bring comfort and renewal to Valerie.

Valerie's daughter June, the mother of Joshua, came home from her birthday dinner celebration to find the cat that her son Joshua had befriended just a few weeks before he died, lying dead on her sofa.

Oh how could that be?  SO SAD!  This news hit Valerie very hard.  She knew Joshua loved that cat.  He was determined to find this cat a forever home.

But Josh died in his sleep, unexpectedly.   The cat lived with his family until his mom's birthday this year.  How could this be?  Josh's cat died unexpectedly too?

Valerie did not know exactly why, but she was now obsessed with finding a cat of her own.  She started to search.  She looked on the Internet and looked at many kitten pictures.  But could not make a decision.

Valerie's friend Janet, not knowing that Valerie was searching for a kitten, just happened to email Valerie a birthday picture of her first Silver Persian Lily Grace from

That sent Valerie back to the Silverpersians website where Valerie saw the pictures of a litter of Silver Persians born on April 11, 2005.  Isn't that a message of Angels numbers she thought.?

As Valerie scrolled down the kitten pictures of that litter her heart skipped a beat.  She saw little Calypso's three week old picture for the very first time.  She thought, as she gazed at the adorable face, I have seen this little soul before.  Why does he look so familiar?  If he is available he must be mine.

Valerie was able to claim him as her own and would visit his website often to look at his pictures and to watch him grow.  It was on one of these weekly visits that Valerie was thunder struck!  For as she gazed at Calypso's fifth week old picture she suddenly realized why he looked so familiar.

He was the kitten in the oil painting that Valerie had bought from the antique store in NH before he was even born. That was why she was so attracted to it!  It was Calypso announcing his arrival.

Now Valerie also remembered another picture, a coloring book picture.  The picture was found just blowing in the wind by Valerie's other daughter Angela just a few weeks after her grandson Joshua died.

It too was a picture of a cat.  This cat had a halo and with it was a flying winged Angel.  The Angel was flying over clouds and mountains just like in NH where Joshua is buried.  

The cat with the halo was pointing to a path that said, find your way, pointing to another baby angel with a halo.

Wow, suddenly it all made sense to Valerie.  Now she could see all the many miracle signs that were messages from the Angels to bring her comfort, renewal and LOVE.

All this to brighten an every day dark world caused by death.

Yes, little Calypso, now Calypso Chumley, was born to be a comforter sent by the Angels to be Valerie's Cherub Chum.

Now Valerie and Janet sure know that dark clouds can have a Silver lining if it is a Silver Persian kitten from Linda's house that is.

After reading this story, don't you believe in Angels?


Valerie-catpicture.jpg (31952 bytes) coloringpage3.jpg (21955 bytes) coloringpage4.jpg (18852 bytes)
Oil painting Valerie found in the antique store in NH The coloring book page that was found just blowing in the wind by Valerie's daughter Angela


We all have chains of events that happen in our life every day.  Now don't you wonder if some of them were Angel sent!

*~~~ ~ >^..^< ~ ~~~*

"To grow where we are planted is to walk the road we find ourselves on."  George Anderson author of Walking in the Garden of Souls.

*~~~ ~ >^..^< ~ ~~~*

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