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Looking for Other Color Persian Kittens ?

Call Martha for a Kitten at  207-676-3309



Other colored kittens such as white, black, red,  blue or tortoiseshell are available from my associate, Martha Krueger, 31 Nowell Street, North Berwick, Maine 03906.

Martha has been breeding for many years and has the same high health standards that my cattery insisits upon.  Martha will deliver her feline friends to you in Massachusetts free of charge.  Martha also ships her kittens.

Please call Martha at  207-676-3309  and tell her Linda LeColst sent you if you are interested in any of her colored kittens.

Martha can be reached through her email address   But a phone call is best as Martha's computer is an old one and is sometimes tempermental. 

Martha has three white male kitten ready to go now that are 16 weeks old.  Two are copper eyed and the other is an odd eyed white.

Martha has other litters coming soon and expects to have whites, blacks, reds and torties.

Sample below of Martha's kittens.


Rudy the red male is ready to go.  Call Martha Krueger at 207-676-3309.   click for more info --> CLICK

Kittens ready to go in Maine.   Black and white female, odd eyed white male a Calico female and a white male.  Call Martha Krueger at 207-676-3309.


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Red Male Red Male White Male White Male


 Martha's beautiful kitten playroom

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