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Kitten Miraculously  

Flies Into Eugene, OR

The Cottage Grove Sentinel

Miss Wings Newspaper story by Betty Kaiser.

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"Strangers are friends that you have yet to meet."

I am happy to announce that Miss Wings has landed. Carried in the arms of a "stranger," she arrived at Eugene Airport, on February 19, after a long day of flying across the country to her new home in Cottage Grove. She was10 weeks old.

Her fellow passengers announced her arrival with smiles and encouraging statements: "Sheıs on her way...Sheıs in row three...Sheıs got really big eyes...Sheıs coming!" Finally, she deplaned with an entourage of besotted passengers and airline personnel all of whom, just hours before, were strangers to her and one another.

She was enthusiastically greeted by her new mom and sister, a sign that
said, "Itıs A Girl," balloons, friends of the family, and curious
bystanders, as well as representatives of the media more strangers.

Miss Wings, of course, is the Shaded Silver Persian kitten that our own
Mary Ellen had searched the country for. Mary Ellen, originally from Canada, is the publisher of an Internet newsletter about angels, and the author of Expect Miracles, and A Christmas Filled with Miracles.

Her quest for a kitten began last year after a bout with breast cancer,
and the death of her sister. When she finally found the kitten of her
dreams, it was very expensive, and lived on the East Coast. And even if she could have afforded it, the breeder wasnıt going to ship her fancy feline to (again) a stranger.

Then, as they always do in Mary Ellenıs life, miracles started to happen.
She and Linda, the breeder became friends over the Internet. The kitten lost its tail in an accident and wasnıt saleable, so the breeder offered the
kitten free if transportation could be arranged. Miraculously, airline
transportation was then offered by not one, but two flight attendants.
Suddenly, four complete strangerıs lives were all bound together by a

The story, as I have recounted previously, is wonderfully heartwarming
and affirming. But, to paraphrase Paul Harvey, the rest of the story is
equally good. One of those kind strangers in our kitten caper has a saga of her own that is as intriguing as a best selling novel.

Vivian Rozane is the US Airways stewardess who ultimately hand-delivered Miss Wings to Mary Ellen. This tall, sophisticated, leggy brunette was genuinely surprised by all of the attention that she was receiving for delivering her precious cargo. Currently flying the Boston to Paris route for her airline, she is fluent in several languages, and makes her home in Maryland where she thrives on being a doting, spoiling aunt to her sisterıs children.

Vivian did not always live in the United States, however. She was born in
Egypt where her family, of Jewish ancestry, were established and very
well-to-do. The Jews had flourished in Egypt since the late 1890ıs. Her grandfather sold fuel to ships on the Suez Canal. He spoke 17 languages and was a friend of Albert Einstein, who stayed with him as a guest.

Then came the Suez Canal crisis in 1956. Remember that?

This 101-mile waterway is one of the most important in the world. It was built to connect the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.  Constructed by a French company, the Egyptians found themselves unable to pay for it, and were forced to sell the Canal to Great Britain.

In 1956, Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser seized the Canal,
declaring it to be the property of Egypt. During this time, Britain, France
and Israel invaded Egypt.  Because of the wars with Israel, the Egyptian Jews became government hostages.

Vivianıs family lost everything when their property was confiscated. Her
father and other young men were encamped to keep them from joining the Israeli Army. Later, they were all lined up and told to "run" that they
were being released.  Believing that they would be shot, the frightened men ran anyway but they were released.

The extended family left Egypt and scattered around the world. Thanks to an uncle who worked for an airline company, the Rozane family immigrated to New York, where they were strangers in another land.  Vivian was two years old.  Her dad worked for Westinghouse, and she says, "I had a humble upbringing." 

Vivianıs love of cats (and people) probably started with her mother.  "My
mother," she says, "attracts every stray animal in the planet.  I have two 12 year old Seal Point Himalayan cats, and have done animal rescue work.  I had to stop because itıs so heart wrenching.  It is very painful to work with them and watch them suffer."

Now, being a cat lover is one thing, but spending your own time, money
and effort to transport a perfect strangerıs kitten from the East Coast to
the West Coast is another.  Especially when she wasnıt traveling "free."  She was flying and paying United Airlines, not her own, because it was the most direct route. 

"Why did you do this?" I asked.  "Doing good is its own reward," she
answered.  "I had the time and Mary Ellen was deserving.  She lifts the human spirit and demonstrates compassion.  This wasnıt hard at all.  Miss Wings and I just bonded.  Sheıs really special and just a joy.  This was her first day away from home and she was a trooper.  She ate, slept, and played.  She is so cool."

I couldnıt help but think as I listened to her, that Vivian is one cool
cat herself!

Her family had suffered many injustices, financial devastation, and the
stresses of relocation during a time of war.   And yet, she had moved past that ugliness and transformed it into a caring life.  That caring included bringing joy in the form of a kitten to complete strangers whom were thousands of miles away.

Itıs a wonderful world, isnıt it?  One in which strangers a Canadian, an
Egyptian, and a "Persian" can meet and become friends through the magic of kindness and caring.


Betty Kaiser lives at Cottage Grove Lake with her husband and their menagerie. 
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Vivian & her 3 cats.

Mary Ellen

Linda + Miss Wings 6 wks

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