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Shaded Silver Persian Finds New Home With Mary Ellen 

 Mary Ellen's story of her Shaded Silver Persian "Miss Wings".

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It looks like we have a new baby in our home! 

Pink balloons cover the outside sign with Miss Wings' picture on it, announcing, "IT'S A GIRL."

The living room is strewn with toy balls and mice, yet Miss Wings insists 
on playing with a tiny candy wrapper.

She thunders around the house on her four baby legs looking like a 
rolling-fuzzy tennis ball.

Have you ever had a dream? One you think will not happen? 

My dream was heralded in on the wings of a series of miracles leaving 
me in complete awe.

It is my intent to share this happy miracle with the hopes that you 
too will hold onto your dreams--whatever they are.

If I can manifest a purebred kitten, clear across the USA and a new
friend too, then your dreams are possible.  Hold your vision!

The day Miss Wings arrived, I wore my Christmas Sweatshirt 
to the Airport that read, "Dear Santa, Please bring me a Kitten." 

My daughter Ariel made the welcoming sign and one of my
best friends, Rebekah-mae, the National Guardswoman stationed 
at the Eugene Airport, escorted us, (she giggled and said she was 
our security.)

Betty Kaiser, journalist for the Cottage Grove Sentinel chauffeured 
us all to the airport.

We giggled again talking about how the kitten was moving on up by going from cattery to Cadillac.

I was so excited that my knees were shaking waiting the last 20 minutes
for the airplane to arrive.

Miss Wings and Vivian flew into the Eugene Airport, with a KVAL TV 
camera rolling and Karen McGowan, a well respected columnist for The
Register Guard, taking notes.

Miss Wings and Vivian's journey had been mentioned on KPNW radio for three mornings. We were all ready to meet the celebrities!

Vivian held the small blue pet travel case up for me to peek inside.

Miss Wing's sparkly big-blue eyes peered up lovingly. I melted. 

My heart grew two sizes in an instant. 

I lifted Miss Wings tiny body gently from the travel case, with tears in 
my eyes, and noticed she was the size of my heart. 

Miss Wings captivated everyone in the airport and none of us even noticed the lack of a tail. (Total strangers and tourists where holding her taking pictures of her.)

Miss Wings personality is sweet, gentle, loving, kind...she is pretty 
to look at and has the spirit to match. 

When you reach out to touch her it is like putting your hand into a 
bowl of dandelion puff-balls and feathers.

Vivian and I became instant best friends--another blessing. 

It was not until an hour after their safe arrival that someone spilled 
the beans on Vivian. 

She is a total stranger who volunteered to fly the kitten
clear across the continent to me, another stranger.

Apparently, for Valentine's Day, Jerry, her boyfriend, gave Vivian a card with $400 and a note saying, "Do something nice for yourself." 

Instead Vivian, "decided to do something for someone else." 

Vivian did not fly with her companyUS Airways, she PAID for a ticket for 
herself on UNITED Airlines so the kitten would have a flight with less 
air time. 

When United heard of the her story they waived the $75 pet travel fee 
and put "Special Bag" on Miss Wing's travel case.

The last crew of their journey gave Vivian a bottle of champagne and 
honored her kind gesture by mentioning, over the loud speakers to the other travellers, that Vivian was a flight-nanny to Miss Wings. 

This miracle of ours was uplifting and touching everyone.

It is beyond a doubt that this kitten showing up is miraculous because 
the connections were made over the Christmas holidays and my 
second book "A Christmas Filled With Miracles" teaches us
to expect miracles all year long...and I truly do.

Many thanks to Linda for giving me her precious purrrfect kitten.

And to all my readers, may your lives be filled with miracles and may your special dreams come true.

Angelic Hugs and Kitten Kisses,
Mary Ellen ^I^ and Miss Wings >^..^<                  


Pictures of "Miss Wings" and Vivian's trip across America.

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Vivian & her 3 cats.

Mary Ellen

Linda + Miss Wings 6 wks

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