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Something heaven sent and obviously meant to be has just happened to me.  Here are the details:

Miss Wings' birth took place under a very special influence.  

She was born December 8, 2001 in the middle of a blue moon and the solar eclipse of a new moon.  

The special energy surrounding her birth was magical. 

It indicates that Miss Wings will have a fondness for travel which was displayed in her trip across America.  

Her chart also shows that Miss Wings is adaptable and gets along well with people.  

She is astrologically a perfect match with Mary Ellen's life mission of teaching miracles do happen.  

I believe that Miss Wings was destined and that her life was predetermined.

Mary Ellen told me that months before Miss Wings was born Atira, an Angelic Mystic kept saying "Mary Ellen, I see a shaded silver kitten coming to you.  I have dreamed it 5 times now.  She is getting closer."  Atira knew it was a female, a shaded silver....and soon to manifest in Mary Ellen's life.

On Monday, March 4, 2002 something happened to show how the angels worked in bringing Miss Wings to Mary Ellen.   It is all true and I am amazed of the outcome! 

The prelude to my story is that in January Mary Ellen (Miss Wings new mom) mentioned a book called Angelspeake to me.  She said it was a good book about how to talk to Angels.  

Around this same time my girlfriend, Amber, who is an astrologer, told me that something would be happening in my life to change it.  

Amber told me that the structure of my life would change, and it would be something good and amazing and that my life would not be the same afterwards.  

(Around this same time I had also been asking for new friends to come into my life.)

I sent out email information to friends to let them know about Miss Wing's story. 

I sent one to a woman, Dee, that I purchased my cat Chanel from. 

Dee responded in an email how wonderful the story was and she added that she talks to angels. 

Dee said she asked them for a sign that they were really there in her life. 

On Sept 10, 2001she was meditating and she saw black smoke and could not understand why.  The next day was Sept 11, 2001.  Did the angels know what was about to happen.!!

I went to to buy the "Angelspeake", on Mary Ellen's suggestion, and discovered there were 3 Angelspeake books. One just Angelspeake, one a prayer book on how to speak to angels and one a storybook.  I went to buy the first one and a loud voice in my head said to buy one for Dee too. 

So I ordered two books and had one sent directly to Dee to surprise her.

Dee read the book loved it passed it on to her little daughter before passing it around to the rest of her family. She then reciprocated and sent me a meditating music tape.

I too received my Angelspeake book but where I had looked at the other 2 books in Amazon, I somehow received two orders with all 3 books. 

 Did the angels do this?? I figured it was meant to be and started reading them. 

I read the first one and it was like Eng Comp 1. 

I craved more so I went on to read the prayer book.  I loved that one and then I started reading the storybook.

On Friday night March 1, 2001 I was reading the storybook, and a woman's story in the book stated that she believed angels were working in her life but she just wanted to make sure.

Sound familiar?

So she asked the Angels for a sign. 

She said "I want some flowers." 

By the end of the day and no flowers had manifested, so she thought she gave them too hard of a task-- it was winter and flowers were hard to come by. 

The next morning her exercise partner showed up at her door with PINK CARNATIONS for her. 

She really believes now.  Angels at work.

I went to bed that Friday night and said "Angels, you know, I believe you were the ones that made this entire Miss Wings saga happen. 

"Please show me a sign that I am right and that you really created this miracle.  I want some chocolates." 

A chocolate candy bar or wrapped chocolate candy.  Have someone offer me a candy bar or hand me one or ask me if I want one.  

"I would even accept a piece of candy from a box of chocolates as a sign." 

Saturday I had  lunch with a friend, saw my parents and went grocery shopping.  NO CHOCOLATES.  

Sunday I stayed in by myself all day except for 15 minutes when I ran to the grocery store.  NO CHOCOLATES. 

 Sunday night I figured it was not going to happen.  

I could not see how what I asked for would ever happen. 

There was no way anyone was going to offer me a chocolate candy bar. 

I was a little distraught.  

I did not want the candy.... just a sign that the angels were there and worked behind the scenes through out Miss Wings' adventure.

WELL, when I got into work Monday morning there sat Olivia with this big box full of 4 different kinds of chocolate candy bars that she was selling for her son's school to raise money for a playground .  

She said "Linda want a candy bar." !!!!!!!!! 

I immediately bought one and ate the entire thing. 

I was in total shock. 

It is true.  The angels did it all from the birth, to the damaged tail, to Mary Ellen finding me on the Internet and then Vivian flying her out to Mary Ellen in Oregon.  Imagine that.!!!  

Miss Wings was angel sent. !!!!  Miss Wings was, by the way, the only survivor of three litters of kittens.  She is obviously one special kitten.

I would enjoy any comments that you may have on this story.

Oh, when I finally shared this story with Olivia, two days later, she told me that she almost did not bring the candy bars in to work as she did not want to get into trouble but at the last minute she figured why not, everyone else does.   Angels again.!!

My girlfriend Stephanie asks why did I pick chocolate candy bars as a sign? 

Did the angels know on Friday that Olivia was bringing chocolate candy bars into work on Monday? 

I do not know...maybe because we all need sweetness and miracles in our lives.

Ask the angels.!!........

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Vivian & her 3 cats.

Mary Ellen

Linda + Miss Wings 6 wks

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