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Keep kitty in the carrier until you are safely in your home.  Leave kitty in the carrier in the car during the ride home and until you are inside your home and in his designated room.

Leaving kitty in the carrier is for safety reasons, as kittens are very fast and could easily get lost in an area that they do not know.  For germ reasons do not let anyone put their finger in the carrier or touch them on the way home.  Your kitty is very healthy with no germs.  People carry many germs on their hands.  Be careful with people with ringworm.   Do not let them touch them as Persians are highly susceptible to ringworm, which acts like eczema on their skin.  Children and older folks mostly have it.   

When you get kitty home go to a designated room where food, water and litter are ready for him and close the door to the room.  Open the carrier in that room for kitty to walk out when ready.  Leave out water and dry food all the time.  Never any milk as they will get diarrhea.  I have put a piece of fabric that the kittens have been laying on in your package.  Do not wash it as it has familiar smells on it to help them adjust in their new home.  Place the blanket on the floor for them or in their pet bed.

Be careful changing their food if you desire.   Introduce any new foods slowly and mix it in with what they are already eating as a sudden change can cause diarrhea or vomiting.  If they get diarrhea a small amount of Metamucil mixed in water can be added to their wet food or spoon a little in their mouth.  Metamucil is good for both constipation and diarrhea.

They start off with Royal Canin baby cat formula dry food, Royal Canin kitten and Science Diet kitten.  They eat fancy feast gourmet and kitten cans.

When feeding the canned food start off by offering about ľ can mixed with some warm water or KMR liquid, like adding a little milk to oatmeal.  Adding some KMR second step dry to the water will give them extra nutrition while they are growing.   One cannister is all you will need to give them a good start in nutrition. 

Offer this canned in the morning and at night.  Soon you will notice that they only pick at it at each meal.  When that happens then feed them just one canned meal a day.  Only leave the canned food out for them for about 30-45 minutes then put it in the refrigerator.  Leaving the canned food out all day can cause diarrhea as bacteria will get in the canned food that is left out.  Keep dry food and water out always.  They need both wet and dry food throughout their life.

Their face may get wet and messy when eating the canned food while they are a kitten.  Use a wet Kleenex or towel to clean their face off and then a dry one to dry it and a little combing.   If you leave their face wet they could get dermatitis so wiping it dry is a great way to prevent that from happening.  If they do get a little dermatitis around their mouth a little vaseline will help get losen it without losing any hair as just combing it off will pull the hair off too.

The room they are in must be a safe room for them.  Wires especially.  Computer wires sometimes are thin and they will chew them.  This is only for the first few months while they are teething.

They like to jump up onto new places.  Make sure anything that they can knock off onto the floor is not breakable as glass or sharp objects can cut their paws.

Once they are in your house and in their designated room, let them explore the new room for about 20-30 minutes.  After their trip home kitty may need to use the litter box.  Letting them explore their new room lets them find the litter box, food and water. 

Open the door in the designated room after they have been in it awhile and let them roam the house for about 30 minutes.  Take them back in their room to familiarize them with their room again in case the litter box is needed.  You want them to know where that is.

Close them in their designated room at night with someone to sleep with as they will not want to be alone.  Closing the door for the first several nights is a good idea so they do not roam and get hurt or lost while you are asleep.  Please make sure that they can sleep with you as they will not want to be alone.

The next day let them roam for longer periods of time throughout the house but lock them up at night and bring them back to their room every now and then for litter box use and to eat.  I would recommend putting a litter box in another place in the house for them to use as they roam.  This could be in a place that would be more permanent.  I would also recommend a large covered litter box as that is what I have for their mom and they love climbing in and out of it.  They also use one that is not covered.  Two boxes are best one covered and one not.

Within a few days they will have the run of the house.  I would still recommend locking them up at night and when no one is at home for at least a month while they are small so they wonít get in places that you will not be able to find them or they may not be able to get out of.  Safety please for especially the first few months until they grow some.

Keeping them in their designated room during the day while you are all at work is best for about a month until they have had a chance to grow and know your house.

Keep the dry food out always and a large bowl of fresh water.  Remember NO MILK.  You may choose to put out food bowls in more than one area.  Never put ice in their water as it will be too much of a shock to their system.  Only cold tap water, spring water or Brita water which is what they are now drinking.

Also if they eat too much canned food it can cause soupy stools and messy bums.  This is when the Metamucil can be added to the canned food. 

Get them used to being combed.  A comb that has two lengths of teeth in it is good.  Also check their nails as you will need to trim just the pointed ends every 2-3 weeks.   They can get stuck somewhere with long nails and not be able to get free.  Using toil nails clippers to cut them is fine

They had their first shot at 8 weeks.  They usually get the second one around 12 weeks.  Take their health records to your vet so he can see what they have had for shots and worming.

 My vet gave them the first of two wormings.  I bought the second one for you to administer to them by mouth 3-4 weeks after the first dose which will be noted for you in the worming instructions.

When it is worming time sit him on your counter and scruff him.  Scruff means hold him tightly by the hair on their back around the neck area.  Keep a tight grip keeping their heads in an upward position while you put the worming meds slowly in his mouth.

Take the tip off the end of the syringe and throw it away.  Keeping him scruffed put the syringe in the side of his mouth and gently squirt in a little.  Donít put it all in his mouth at once.  Just a little and let him swallow.  Keep him scruffed and keep putting a little in the side of his mouth until it is all gone.  If you do not scruff him and keep his head up he will put his head down and all the meds will run down the front of him not doing him any good.  Practice scruffing them before trying to administer the meds.

They will be completely wormed once this is done.   The meds are called Strongit and it has a yellow tinge to it.  If the designated day to administer the worming meds has passed then give it to them as soon as possible.

Be careful what they chew on.  They can actually swallow dental floss, string or ribbon and that can be very dangerous.  Allow them to have rather large objects that they can not swallow.  Object should be completely round with no open ends.  No milk ring tops.  Keep toilet seat lids down too so they wonít fall in and get wet or get stuck in there.  Find the poisonous plant list as many are deadly for cats.  No Pointsettias or Lillies.

They love ping pong balls.  Pipe cleaners are good too.  Curl them up and they play with them for a long time.

They will have their bath before they leave.  As they start to learn to eat all four paws get in the dish and their coats get messy.  Learning to use the litter box can be messy at first too.  I will give them a bath before they leave to take care of all of that and kitty will look super for you.  You do not have to worry about bathing them.  Keep them combed and it will help keep their hair clean.

Their nails will be cut before they leave and the hair will be trimmed around their back end for cleanliness.

If you do ever take them to a groomer make sure you check them out and question them for cleanliness.   Make sure they sterilizes their tools.  You donít want kitty to pick ringworm or any diseases at the groomers.

I use regular clay kitty litter which they need to stay on to be able to recognize it as litter.  The scoopable litter (sand like) is NOT recommended as it gets caught in their paws and they lick it and it swells in their stomach and they can die.  Also beware of the swiffer mops.  Many pets are dying from the chemicals used in the swiffer.

If you do desire to change the litter wait a few days and then put the new litter in one of their two boxes to give them a choice until they get used to it.

I hope I have covered all areas.  I can not stress safety enough especially while they are little.  They are fast.  Keep doors shut to the outside and pool area.  In the summer make sure all screens are secure.   If you use fans or air conditioning their eyes may run.   Cool compresses on the eyes really helps.  If their eyes get messy use CVS or any eye wash as an eye irrigating solution.  Several drops in each eye really helps to keep them clean.  Leave the drops there a few seconds and then gently wipe the eye.

While they are little be careful that they do not scoot out the door while they are running around.  They are fast and can be out the door before they know it.

When carrying groceries and you are in and out the door put them in another room for safety.  If you have people over and the door is opened and shut many times, put your kitty in another room with the door closed so you will know he is in a safe place.

If you have any other cats in the house I would recommend putting them behind a closed door while kitty is exploring your home for the first time.  This way they will be able to smell each other for a later introduction.

Introducing kitty to your other cats can be done by playing footsies under a door with them.  Kittens are usually friendly and will want to play with the other cat.  Give it time and within about 3 weeks the kitty should know your house completely and will be on friendly terms with the other cats in your house.

Lastly remember to keep kitty in the carrier until they get into their new home.  Kittyís can be scared of outside noise and jump around your car and hide under your car seat.  They can be scared of airport noises and get lost in the airport if you take them out of the carrier.  A last reminder, please leave them in the carrier until you are safely in your home and in their designated room.

Please never let them outside.  Once a kitty or cat gets a taste of that great outdoors they want out all the time and you will have created a monster.  They will be a changed cat and could be naughty and noisy crying to go out.  This will not be the kitty you once had.  Please learn from others mistakes.  This is an indoor cat forever and one that will stay with you as a family member forever.

Thank you for your time in reading this helpful information in caring for my kitten that I gave my heart and soul into loving and caring for during the first 10 weeks of his life.  I gave them the best and healthiest start that I could.

When you go on vacation DO NOT take kitty in a hotel or motel with you as the maid could let him out and he would be gone forever.   He could also get fleas or pick up a disease from other animals being there.  Leave kitty at home and leave your dirty clothes around the house for him to smell you while you are gone.   Have someone check in to give him fresh food and water.



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