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Copacabana Cattery
Danvers, Massachusetts 

Our  Kitty  Club

Terri, Linda, Joan, Diane, Janice, Dave & Patty

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Our kitty club met for our May meeting and had a terrific time.  We had raffle games and all went home with a prizes.   Patty got the cow toy and the Latte socks, Linda got a kitty toy wand, Joan got the animal rescue stamps,  Terri got some red satin dress hangers plus many other prizes for all.  

The next few meetings will be our summer theme.   The next meeting will be announced.  We are taking the month of July off.  A few summer meeting surprises for meeting places will be forth coming.   Let us know if you plan to come to our "Kitty Club" meeting so we can plan for you to be in our raffle games. Your name will also be added to the list below so everyone can see who is coming. 

Supino's is on route 1 South in Danvers, MA.   Coming from the North it is exit 50 off 95.   Merge onto route 1 South and it is the second exit that says 62 East Danvers.   Coming from the South it is exit 50 off 95 merging onto route 1 north bound towards Topsfield.   Go around the rotary and get on route 1 South and it is your second exit that says 62 East Danvers.


Our first meeting was in September 2009

Larry, John, Sharon, Dawn, Patty, Janice, Joan,

Dave, Jennifer, Linda and Kim


Our second meeting was in October 2009
Tina, Patty, Linda, Joan and Dave



Our St Patty's Day meeting

Terri, Linda, Joan, Diane, Janice, Dave & Patty



Look Who's coming

Linda from Danvers, MA -  Owner and photographer of this website


Joan from Boston, MA -  Owner of Trumpet  and  Topaz



Patty from Holbrook, MA -  Owner of the coffee kittens Cappuccino, Espresso and Latte. 



Dave  -  Owner of  Uno and Lincoln


Dawn from Essex, MA -  Owner of   Bugle and Trombone     


Terri from Peabody, MA -  Owner of   Buttons


Bernaise 9 wks A.jpg (24114 bytes)

Tina from Boston, MA -  Owner of  Bernaise  and  Scrabble

Scrabble Jewel 9.5 weeks A.jpg (28306 bytes)


Amy from Canton, MA -  Owner of  Hollandaise


Jack and his mom Sheila from Lynnfield, MA -  Owners of  Revlon   



Our Scrap Book Cover featuring Miss Wings

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