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Chanel and Sterling are the proud parent of one golden male, one silver male and two silver females born on March 31, 2007.  These kittens will be ready to go to their new homes around June 9, 2007.



       Click on pictures to view full sizePictured in their birth order when named.

Angel miracle story at the bottom of the page.

10 hours old - born at     12:18 a m  -  12:23 a m  -  1:10 a m  -  1:34 a m 4 1/2 days old
Topaz   1 week  male Ruby   1 week  female Onyx   1 week  male    Pearl  1 week  female
Topaz  2 weeks  male 

reserved for Joan and Trumpet

Ruby  2 week  female

reserved for Angela

Onyx  2 week  male

reserved for Donna

   Pearl  2 week  female

reserved for Fadwa

Topaz  3 weeks  male  Ruby  3 week  female Onyx  3 week  male    Pearl  3 week  female

Topaz  4  weeks  male  Ruby  4  weeks  female Onyx  4  weeks  male    Pearl  4  weeks  female
Topaz  5  weeks  male  Ruby  5  weeks  female Onyx  5  weeks  male    Pearl  5  weeks female
Topaz  6  weeks  male  Ruby  6  weeks  female Onyx  6  weeks  male    Pearl  6 weeks  female
Topaz  7  weeks  male  Ruby  7  weeks  female Onyx  7  weeks  male    Pearl  7 weeks  female
Topaz  8  weeks  male  Ruby  8  weeks  female Onyx  8  weeks  male    Pearl  8 weeks  female
Onyx  Ruby  Pearl  Topaz  8  weeks    Topaz  Pearl   Ruby  Onyx
  Pearl  Ruby  Onyx  Topaz  8  weeks   
  Topaz  Onyx  Ruby  Pearl  8  weeks    Topaz   Ruby  Onyx  Pearl
Topaz  9  weeks  2 pounds Ruby  9  weeks  1 pound 12 oz Onyx  9  weeks 2 pounds 3 oz    Pearl  9 weeks  1 pound 14 oz
  Pearl and Ruby  9  weeks   
  Topaz  Onyx  Ruby  Pearl  9  weeks   
Topaz  10  weeks  male  Ruby  10  weeks  female Onyx  10  weeks  male    Pearl  10 weeks  female
Topaz  13  weeks  male 
Topaz 13 weeks + Tempo  Lyric  Melody  Harmony   6  1/2 weeks   Topaz 13 weeks + Tempo  Harmony  Melody  Lyric  6  1/2 weeks  

The  End

Hope you enjoyed the picture show.

Ruby and Pearl are living with Angela and her family in Windsor, CA. (Najwa is waiting for the next litter.)

Onyx is living with Donna and her family in Everett, MA.

Topaz is living with Joan and Trumpet in Hype Park, MA.


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Najwa , on the left, from San Francisco, CA and her twin sister Fadwa hold Jacks now Kiri.    Aunt Fadwa just loved Kiri so much she wanted a female that looks just like him to love too.

Najwa has waited one year to have a kitten just like Kiri for her twin sister Fadwa.  Najwa was planning on flying into Boston to bring a female kitten home to her sister.   Angela, also from San Franciso, wanted a female kitten too but did not have the money for the flight.

Upon hearing Angela's plight, Angela and Najwa were introduced through emails.   Najwa happily agreed to bring Angela's kitten home to her as she was coming to Boston to pick up her kitten anyway. 

Najwa then realized the time the kitten would be ready to go home would be when she would be 8 months pregnant and did not care to fly so far into her pregnancy and decided to wait for the next litter for a kitten for her twin sister.   Angela, upon hearing this, was devastated at the thought of not having her dream kitten.

Angela tried to figure out how to raise the flight money and took on more hours at her day care and thought about having a garage sale.   Angela then offered to bring Najwa's kitten home to her where she was going to fly to Boston after all.   Both girls, who have never met each other, have now teamed up on the flight expense and Angela will do the traveling and bring back both kittens to San Francisco.

Angel kitten miracle stories can happen and do happen often.  It is truly amazing how the chain of events occurred around these two girls from San Francisco wanting two kittens from the same litter.   Angel networking explains it all.



"To grow where we are planted is to walk the road we find ourselves on."  George Anderson author of Walking in the Garden of Souls.

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