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 Kitty Cat Afghans and Catnip Pouches



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Silverpersians now offers home made kitty catghans.   They are made of two very soft pieces of fleece and measure 16 x 22 inches.   They have a velcro opening to sprinkle some of our certified organic catnip in the middle.  Catghans are machine washable.

Each catghan comes with 1/2 cup of our famous catnip and two fabric color coordinated catnip filled bows.   They come individually wrapped and tied with a colorful bow at the top for gift giving. 

Our catghans can train your kitty to sleep where you want him to sleep.  The catnip inside will keep him on his blanket where ever you place it.  Our catghans can also keep hair off of your furniture by putting these blankets on your kitty's favorite snoozing spot or on your couch.  They are great to cuddle your kitty in too.  Is it snuggle time?  Meow.

New material will be introduced and some will be discontinued due to the fact the material is no longer available.

We are introducing the Frogs and Whales with an electric blue backing. 

Catghans are $17.00 each plus shipping.    Shipping is approximately $7.00 for up to 2 catghans shipped in one package.  Order an extra one for a friend and save on the shipping.  Call 978-774-2694 (Eastern time) to order or email us at   Please add $1.00 per catghan if paying by paypal.






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Tiara with Pink

I Love My Bear

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Snowflake Plaid Gingham Daisies Friendly Felines Ollie  Octopus

New England Patriot's


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Our catnip pouches now come with a decorative basket to display in your store.  Baskets are designed in kitty fabric and are $15.00.  Our catnip pouches are 100% filled with certified organic catnip.

Each pouch is individually wrapped and tied with a colorful bow at the top.  Catnip pouches are $5.00 each plus shipping.



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Catghans in a Basket for your store   Basket with pouches for your store Basket with pouches


Remember to keep our soft fleece Catghans and our aromatic 100% filled catnip pouches in mind for your favorite feline.  They make great Birthday, Mother's Day and Christmas gifts.

Our Catghans and Catnip Pouches are hand made at Silverpersians.  They are made with lots of TLC the same way we care for our kittens.  Orders can be special made just for you! 



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* Catghan and Catnip pouch Testimonials *


Stella from Florrisant, MO., owner of (Ziti and Penne) writes: 

"Al & I have got two of the most gorgeous kittens from Linda and now I have purchased her new catghans and bows.  When they arrived, both my girls came in and I let them try to open their gifts.  Finally I had to help them after they got frustrated and I laid out the pastel plaid catghans for them. 

Ziti immediately claimed the one with the blue bottom and Penne claimed the pink bottom plaid catghan.   To this day they have never laid on anything else except their catghans and they love playing with their new bow toys too.

They go wild with the catnip and play so hard that they exhaust themselves and then settle down for a snooze.

II highly recommend these catghans for your kittens or cats.  Linda, you have done excellent work and I am sure I will be ordering more, since they now have started carrying them and placing them where they want them to be.

Would you believe that Penne carried hers and placed it in the big bow window in our living room so she can watch the cars go by while she is laying on it.   You know who is boss in our family.....Ziti and Penne of course!"


JZiticatghan.jpg (14840 bytes) JZiticatghan2.jpg (15462 bytes) JZiti+Pennecatghan.jpg (42467 bytes) JPennecatghan2.jpg (19722 bytes) JPennecatghan.jpg (15612 bytes)

 Ziti (on the left) and Penne (on the right) enjoying their new catghans.


Cheryl from Tipp City, Ohio, owner of (Mozzarella and Romano), now Natasha and Boris writes:

"The Catghans are a big hit!  The boys, Ricky and Boris especially love them.  All four of the cats absolutely love the catnip pouches, Natasha even more than Lucy.  I should have ordered four instead of two.  That truly is the best catnip ever.  

I've grown it myself and used to gather it at my Dad's farm, always organic but I've never seen quite the reaction that your catnip created!  Your Catghans are really great!  They love the bows too!  They settle down on the Catghans and lay on their backs all mellowed out, wanting to be petted.  It's so adorable.

The size of the Catghans is indeed perfect, you have created a wonderful product, and a great gift idea.  I love your personal labels too.  Keep up the good work."



Janet from Medfield, MA, owner of Miami and Walnut now Lily Grace and Joshie writes:

"My cats love them and they laid right down on them and rolled and played with their bow for hours.  They both seemed very happy with their new Catghans and bows.   The catnip seems to draw them to the Catghans more so then the store bought
catnip that I got, yours is stronger for some reason and they love it.   Thank you again.  What a wonderful gift these would make at Christmas time for friends who are cat lovers like us."  



Vanessa from New York, owner of Maypo now Natuzzi writes:

When I brought in the Catghan the first day, it seemed like he knew there was something in the mail for him.  He started trailing me around the house till I opened it.  At first when I placed it on the floor, he circled it and sniffed at it, then I noticed that his back was rippling and his eyes were tearing, and he was drooling, such a reaction to your catnip?

He never reacted this way to any catnip I gave him.  Then the next thing I knew, he was lying on top of it, rolling around on it.  I read your claim initially that the Catghan would make your cat sleep wherever you place it.  I didn't really believe it, but it was true.  

I moved it 3 times in the first hour, and he sat wherever I placed it.  I bought a new bed for him about 2 months ago that he seemed to detest.  He avoids it all the time no matter what I do.  

I placed the Catghan in the bed, and that night, there he was, curled up in it.  It was a miracle, and guess where I found him sleeping the next night. 

 It's a wonderful creation, the pastel colors are beautiful and you did a great job!  Tuzzi thanks you too!


tuzzicatgan2.jpg (20711 bytes) tuzzicatghan.jpg (23950 bytes) tuzzicatghan3.jpg (24505 bytes)
Maypo now Natuzzi enjoying his new Catghan!  



Brenda from New Bedford, MA owner of Austin  (Pistachio) and Nermal (Noodle) writes:

The catghans came in today and before I could even open them I was surrounded by 5 cats!!!  I don't know where you get that catnip from but it is POTENT!!

I am sending you pictures to show Austin in his favorite chair just loving his present.  I also have one of a very content Noodle after playing with his bow, he actually looks stoned!!

Thank you so much for such a great product, you have 5 cats who would love to give you two paws up!!!


.Catghan Austin.jpg (33552 bytes)

Brenda from New Bedford, MA sent in these pictures of her Birthday boys with their new birthday  Catghans.   Nermal (Noodle) on the right plays with a catnip bow and Austin (Pistachio) on the left curls up on his new leopard catghan.  Happy Birthday Boys!!!

Catghan Noodle1.jpg (11775 bytes)


Pam from New York owner of Oatmeal writes:

I gave Oatmeal his catghans and he loves them.  He rubbed his head on the blanket and started rolling around on it.  He drooled all over the catghan.   I moved his catghan to the couch where I had his pouch of catnip and he followed along and the next thing I knew he grabbed the catnip bag and would not let go of it.

He used his paws to push my hands off the bag!  I have never seen Oatmeal like this before.  After he calmed down, I saw him sleeping right on top of the catghan.  Oatmeal totally loves the catghan and the catnip that came along with it.  Thanks Linda for coming up with a creative idea.  Here are some pictures I took of him on the catghan. 

OatmeatCatghanBB.jpg (20202 bytes)

Pam from Staten Island, NY sent in a picture of   Oatmeal on his new catghan.  Another very happy and satisfied customer!!

OatmealcatghanA.jpg (21056 bytes)


Son Dave Gardner and his wife Sharon writes:

Minky barely leaves her new Catghan.  Every once in a while, we check for a pulse.  We had to order another one for her brother Scratch, as they were fighting over who would spend the day on the Catghan.  I think there is glue on it as she never gets off it.

Sharon says:  Linda is a good grandma.  She gave my cats one of her catghans to try.  She told us she had started making them and that everyone that got one said their cats absolutely loved them.  We have 2 cats and I brought the catghan into the house and put it down on a chair.

I no sooner left the room to find my little one and Minky had already curled up on it!!  I could not believe it.  I yelled to my husband and told him he had to see this to believe it.  We laughed.....

Linda is feverishly making me 2 more as we speak!!  As Minky's brother Scratch takes over the blanket as soon as Minky leaves it (which is only to eat)!!

I highly recommend these cute blankets to everyone.  Once you have one in your house, you will have to have another me!  Thanks Linda for making them.


minky.jpg (70032 bytes) Dave and Sharon Gardner of Beverly, MA sent in a picture of their cat Minky on her catghan.  Another one had been ordered for her brother so they will stop fighting over it.v

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