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Copacabana Cattery
Danvers, Massachusetts 


 Calendar 2010    

Our first calendar was so successful that we are doing another year.  We kept the cost down as much as possible.  Calendars are $12.00 each plus  shipping. 

If paying by paypal submit payment to and please add $1.00 to your order for each calendar as paypal has a fee. Include your address for mailing so we can mail them to you.  The calendars are 8 1/2 x 11 in size.  

Shipping for one calendar is $1.56.  Two calendars to the same address are $2.41, three are $4.95 and more then three will depend on the destination.

Calendars can also be picked up at North Shore Community College, One Ferncroft Rd, Danvers, MA 01923 in the student life office as the calendar is a fund raiser for the college's scholarship fund.



The picture on the left is our picture.   The picture on the right is how it will look on the calendar.  The calendar was designed by Victoria Pasciuto-Dogramacian coordianator of student activities for North Shore Community College.  Small pictures are not shown.


December  2009



Fudge Ripple



small picture - Freeway

Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte

small picture- Latte


Chili, India and Austria

small pictures - Austria and Chile


small picture - Latte


small picture - Uno

Hey Jude and Penny Lane 

small pictures - Freeway and Cover Girl


small picture - Bronx

Eleanor Rigby, Hey Jude, Brooklyn, Bronx, This Boy, Harlem, Penny Lane and Queens

small picture - Cappuccino

Trolly, Taxi and Hope

small picture - Tempo

Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Harlem

small picture - Tempo and Cannoli

Freeway and Highway

small picture - Revlon

Harlem, Penny Lane, Brooklyn, Eleanor Rigby, Bronx and Hey Jude

small picture - Liberace and Freeway





We have Christmas Cards.    We selected two photos.  They are a bi-fold card that lifts up.  Cards are $1.42 each, $1.00 each plus $.42 shipping.  If paying by paypal submit payment to and please add $.50 to your order as paypal has a fee.  Include your address for mailing them to you.


This is a picture of Gemini.   Inside the cards reads

Christmas Hugs.

This is a picture of Queen.  Inside the card reads

Waiting and Watching.......


These are our two greeting cards.

This is a picture of Liberace .  Inside the cards reads

Bringing music to brighten your day.

This is a picture of Revlon.  Inside the card reads

Bringing sunshine to your day.






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